Battle On by Blair Gaulton 

Battle On
Successfully failed;
sadness impaled.
Rocked to the core.
I refuse to quit;
like I did so many times before.
No more!
I will not stop.
I will not give up.
Pain doubts ‘n’ setbacks;
will come my way.
I will face them down;
every day.
That is the price;
I must pay.
Dreams are not excuses;
they are fuel;
that makes your passion burn.
Through hard work ‘n’ determination.
You will learn discern;
reaching the day;
you’ll say.
I made it!!
​(C)BJG(Blair Gaulton)Dec 2016

Breath by Blair Gaulton 

Breath tattoos windows.
(C)BJG(Blair Gaulton)Nov 2016

There Was A Time by Blair Gaulton

There Was A Time
There was a time;
I did not want
anyone else;
only you.
For me;
you were a dream came true.
I loved you with all I had ‘n’ failed.
It haunts me to this day.
The memories are beautiful
even as the pain wanes away.
There was a time;
I never wanted it to go away.
It did.
I know the clock;
cannot be stopped
or turned back.
There was a time
I would have done anything
to do that.
(C)BJG( Blair Gaulton)Nov 2016