Alternative Definition of No

Alternative Definition of No
(C)BJG(Blair Gaulton)July 2015

The Show is Over by Blair Gaulton

The Show is Over
Show is over
was a lot of fun;
many memorable moments;
on and off stage.
The work is done;
now missing the people;
you worked with over many months comes.
Quotes from the play come to mind;
making you laugh, and smile.
When you meet again,
and say the same line;
suddenly you’ll remember the time.
Cherish these moments;
for they are now a part of you.
Something wonderful and beautiful.
(C)BJG(Blair Gaulton)Apr 2015

Still Working On It by Blair Gaulton

Still Working On It
This poem has sat around a long while.
Orginally had a feeling
of something else I already wrote;
with a similar vibe.
Changed it;
still not sure.
If I need to do more
or put it aside,
and try again another time.
Let it go
with time I’ll know.
(C)BJG(Blair Gaulton)Apr 2015