The Pickled Flowers By Blair Gaulton

Grandfather’s Song
Looking around
I see you everywhere
even though you are long gone
Our time together
was priceless
I will carry our memories
to my dying day
you have been stolen away
death carried you off
to the great beyond
you are anchored in my heart
I wait for the day
when I can join you
we’ll sail off together
into the endless sunshine.
© BJG (Blair Gaulton) Jun 2003

Morning Music
pinched glass
like a woven spider web
in the cool morning wind.
© BJG (Blair Gaulton) Oct 2003


Cleanly unkempt
around his beer
like the earth around the sun.
© BJG (Blair Gaulton) 2003

Excitement/ 2 Hours Later
Bodies in chairs
filling up the place
minds are all in space.
© BJG (Blair Gaulton) 2003