Dribs and Drabs 1999 by Blair Gaulton

Somewhere Near the Edge of Daylight
Somewhere near the edge of daylight
is a dream
waiting to be fulfilled.
To blossom into reality
and restore hope
to those who feel shattered.
To whom nothing matters.
Is this a wishful thought?
Based in a baseless belief?
or reality waiting in the wings?
The answer lies
somewhere at the edge of daylight.
© BJG (Blair Gaulton) July 1999

The Stage
Empty and neglected
it is being pummeled by the
elements and insects
a sentinel of a former time
that will never return
yet,the fishing stage
clings on
a reminder of our past
bellowing to silent communities
that are no more.
© BJG (Blair Gaulton) Nov 1999

Carefully, the squirrel slinks towards the bread.
He pokes his head underneath it,
and eats a hole in the center.
Then he runs(springs) away
with his new necklace.
© BJG (Blair Gaulton) Aug 1999

The Ship
Lonely and listless
it rests in the harbour sligthly listing
slowly decaying as the rust feasts
on its bow, stern, and hull
what was a ship
is now an apparation
Its presence haunts.
© BJG (Blair Gaulton) Sept 1999