My Hope by Blair Gaulton

My Hope
May we all live
in a place;
where we can be unafraid;
to show our face.
Nor be persecuted;
for what we do or do not believe.
For our gender;
for our sexual orientation.
Or be forced to live in a particular way.
Where lies rumours ‘n’ slander;
are seen ‘n’ immediatedly declared
as false.
That it be done publicly with candor.
Plainly clearly in unmistakeable words.
That all who hear
will have no more fear.
Sadly, at this time;
we still have a ways to go.
One day, I truly believe our world
will be so.
No matter;
where you go;
all will be treated
with love respect ‘n’ peace.
(C)BJG(Blair Gaulton)Aug 2017