Good Friends Moving Away by Blair Gaulton

Good Friends Moving Away
Good friends moving away;
hits you hard,
in every way.
Realizing they will no longer;
physically be there.
Cannot easily meet up;
too far away to drop by.
If you want to meet again;
you need to fly.
The distance makes you feel sad.
You can always call; 
that is better than nothing at all.
Yes, you can write a letter, 
message,  email, skype, facebook,
whatsapp and text.
Many ways to keep in touch.
The question many ask;
will it be enough?
At first it will be rough;
you’ll stay in touch,
and agree to meet to somewhere.
When you see each other again
and have the feeling 
as if they never left.
That is the best!
(C)BJG(Blair Gaulton)May 2015