Inspired by Annas Art The Best Gift Ever: Gifts by Blair Gaulton

This poem has been inspired by Annas Art
The best gift ever? –

Writing this piece is challenging 
for me;  
many times I’ve been lucky;  
other times not at all.  
I am nervous as I write;  
my emotions are flying like a kite.  
There are so many things;  
I’d like to say;   
They all fit perfectly in to the question  
in their own ways.  
I will mention a few.
The best gift ever at one stage  
in life is right. 
Later might seem wrong.  
I am torn 
For me the best gift ever  
I have given or received 
is many things.
To be loved and love;
someone else unconditionally. 
Friends ‘n’ family.
To inspire and be inspired by others.
Help or helping someone else. 
Healing people. 
Making others laugh.
Listening and being listened to.
A conversation
The most important and best gift of all;
is the time you spend with people.
(C)BJG(Blair Gaulton)Mar 2016