Climate Change and Development

Depending on where you live and what you believe politically, you may or may not agree with my topic today. I want to talk about climate change and development. Personally, I do see a difference in the weather over the last number of years and am concerned about it.  Whether this is a cycle that the earth is going through or something we have brought on ourselves through our industrial development or a combination of both (what I believe) is something we can debate for a long time.  We need to do something.  Industrial development is going to continue all over the world, and we cannot tell others not to do it. People want to have good lives and have a good standard of living.  The challenge is to help others with their development and not come across as people who are being patronizing, arrogant, or as know it alls. When doing this we have to be respectful of their culture and history. We must work together so that they benefit from what we know, we learn from them, and they can take from it and find the best path for their own future development.  Through this process we all learn together, gain insight into other cultures and build bridges for the future of this planet which we all live on. We need to work together on this because it effects everyone. Forget about politics, right or wrong. It is better to do something, err on the side of being cautious, stop the long term environmental changes rather than wait and see what will happen.  In the end we will pay a heavy price for our inaction. If the environmental changes does not happen, it is still time and money well spent.