On My Travels 2: Above the Beach


Being out and about is a wonderful thing. This is a panoramic picture I took while walking recently. 
More to come

On my Travels: Picture of Squirrel that Inspired Two Way Cinema by Blair Gaulton


I was walking along a trail and noticed a squirrel was eating some food and watching carefully what was going on. It inspired the poem Two Way Cinema that I wrote a couple of days ago. I was fortunate enough to take a picture of this wonderful squirrel!

More pictures and poems from my travels will be following soon. Once my vacation is over I will resume my usual writing patterns and will take part in all of the challenges I have been asked to take part in.
Best Wishes and Warmest Regards

Merry Wives of Windsor 2nd week Starts Tonight! by Blair Gaulton


This is a picture taken by Thomas Hafner from Entity Theatre e.V.’s production of William Shakespeare’s Merry Wives of Windsor; which will be starting again tonight! It will run until Sunday and be performed in the English Garden Amphitheater in Munich, Germany from Aug 13th-15th 2015 at 7pm(19:00) and Aug 16th at 3pm(15:00). Free Admission!!

For more information and details please go to:    http://www.entitytheatre.com/