Too Much Waiting by Blair Gaulton

Too Much Waiting
Too much waiting;
causes contemplating;
in many directions.
The mind runs wild.
Absurdities, connections, corrections,
and more all discovered
while you are killing time.
(C)BJG(Blair Gaulton)June 2015

Sun’s Mood Change by Blair Gaulton

Sun’s Mood Change
Today, the doctor’s office
has light;
sun shining bright.
Turning frowns, and worries into smiles
as we wait.
(C)BJG(Blair Gaulton)May 2015

About Waiting by Blair Gaulton

About Waiting
Sometimes to wait can be great;
in other circumstances a big mistake;
giving you frustration too.
What do you do?
The question is how important is this to you?
If it is important don’t wait
get it done;
then you can enjoy
the spring sun.
(C)BJG(Blair Gaulton)Mar 2015