The Unexpected Luck by Blair Gaulton

I usually put poems up on this blog. Today I decided to put up for the first time a very short Christmas story I originally wrote about 15 years ago. There is also a German language version of this story.

The Unexpected Luck

It was shortly before Christmas, and a few friends met each other on the street. They were all tired and worn out from the pre-Christmas chaos of trying to find gifts. Encumbered by packages, and gifts, they laid them down to chat. Everything was talked about from their Christmas shopping nightmares to politics. They agreed that both things were nightmares. After a while they all returned home to prepare for their Christmas celebrations. However, nobody paid attention to their gifts and as a result, they all took the wrong gifts home. The next day was Christmas, and as expected, everything was tastefully decorated, including the Christmas tree. After stuffing themselves to the point of no return, they assembled in front of the Christmas tree. Expectations were spiralling out of control, hopefully no one would walk away this Christmas disappointed. A child leaped into the mass of presents, and snatched a slightly mangled looking triangular box and asked “Is this for me” “Yes”, was the reply. Proceeding as quickly as possible to liberate the paper from the box, he clawed it open.

“Handcuffs!! Cool!! Thanks!!!!” It was then the parents realized that they had the wrong presents. This gift was meant for the neighbour’s father, who was a policeman! Before they could act, it was too late. Aunt Emma, a 75 year old, in her own words never wore anything exciting, got a very sexy lingerie that left very little to the imagination! Cousin Sandra, who was just recently married, will definitely not be getting that gift this year. The look on Aunt Emma`s face told everyone, she was going to enjoy this Christmas immensely, especially with uncle Harold and his new water pistol. Father received a glow in the dark, dancing, singing fish with sunglasses. He sounds like a drunken Elvis when he sings. Mother was endowed with a paint by numbers book and an axe. Even though our gifts were meant for other people, they fit us perfectly. So we kept them. It was a great Christmas and the start of many new adventures.
(C)BJG(Blair Gaulton)Jan 2015