The Legend of the Astronaut Scorpion by Blair Gaulton

A Poem inspired by Anna’s painting of the astronaut scorpion

The Legend of the Astronaut Scorpion
There was a scorpion;
who had explored all of the oceans and seas.
He had been told; he had seen all he could see.
His thirst for adventure was not to be quenched;
He heard about somewhere else;
where scorpions had never been.
So he decided to train to be an astronaut; and to find a way to get there.
After much preparation, hard work and concentration.
He got approved and hitched a ride
to the International Space Station.
He got there and was asked to do a space walk;
not for a second did he balk.
Put on the Astronaut’s space suit made to fit him and went out for a walk in space.
Now he is the talk everywhere and all of earth knows his face
A scorpion’s place is not only on earth but in space!
(C)BJG(Blair Gaulton)July 2015