Dungeon Prompts Redemption Song: One Perspective of Redemption by Blair Gaulton

This weeks Dungeon prompts is Redemption Song.

At the present I am having difficulties coming up with something, so I decided to try this….

One Perspective of Redemption
Is a way to make yourself;
in a sense squeaky clean;
because you’ve renounced your past;
given up being mad, evil , destructive and obscene.
All the things you loved doing before;
Have they lost their appeal?
or are you feeling bored?
If you’ve found God, good for you
hopefully you’ve found peace too.
I wish you well.
Yes, from my side you are forgiven.
I cannot speak for the others.
As for me and everyone else;
we still have to recover from the damage you caused us
as well as our own plight;
to pull ourselves away from the darkness;
into the light.
(C)BJG(Blair Gaulton)July 2015