Ravings of a Diet Soft Drink Junkie

This might sound strange to some of you but I believe that I am addicted to diet soft drinks. It has become a habit that I am working on weaning myself off them. I am speculating here, could it be through the caffeine alone? or is it due to the combination of the various chemicals in the soft drinks with the caffeine? Sometimes I have been successful and other times not at all. Usually If I go out with friends I order a diet soft drink. Once I start drinking them it is a battle to stop. I am looking for other alternative drinks. Yes, I know we all should drink more water. I hate to say it but there is only so much water I can take. Is this because I have poisoned myself by drinking too many diet soft drinks? I really do not know. Some friends of mine have suggested to me to add lemon or lime slices to the water. Anyone got any other suggestions for me what else I could put in the water? I would greatly appreciate it.