Blood Sugar 3 by Blair Gaulton

Blood Sugar 3
Blood sugar roller coaster ride
can mess you up
if you don’t do the right stuff
to stop things from getting rough
pay attention to the signs
test take action
all will be fine.
(C)BJG (Blair Gaulton)Dec 2014

About the Right to Die by Blair Gaulton

About the Right to Die
The right to die
is not easy to decide
many are afraid
of it being abused
by people and governments
for their own ends.
The person with the disease
should make it clear what they want
If the disease is incurable
and 2 doctors agree
the person should be free
to decide when it will happen
and if anyone will help them without fear of being charged.
(C) BJG (Blair Gaulton)Nov 2014

People and Disease

Been staring at this screen for quite some time. It has been a very busy day. Got quite a lot of things on my mind. I don’t know where to start. Disease and illness hits all of us in some way. It can be sudden and scary or gradual and develop with time. One thing that is important is when someone you know gets diagnosed with a disease, it changes both your lives. Time spent with this person becomes even more important than it may have been before. Inwardly, you may be mentally preparing yourself for the time, when you know their life is coming to an end.  Remember, the person is what matters, the disease or illness should not be what defines them.  They still love doing things. Wherever possible, do things with them that make them happy. Laugh together, sing, play cards ; whatever it is, if you did it before the disease, and you enjoyed doing it together and you still can, do it.  Treasure your time together. That is what matters most.