Dungeon Prompts Only for the Fierce of Heart: Ode to the Fierce Hearted by Blair Gaulton

This poem is inspired by Dungeon Prompts Only for the Fierce of Heart.

Ode to the Fierce Hearted
Waves snarled;
gnawing at the ship bit by bit.
Wind cackles;
we are caught in its grip.
Ship being thrown like a ping pong ball
trapped in this squall.
Radio is broke;
we cannot make the S.O.S. call.
Looks pass from eye to eye;
should we say our final goodbyes?
Looks like we will all die.
Gentlemen, the Captain said, if we are going to die;
we must try, let us fight.
For only the fierce of heart;
can find a way;
to face down this storm.
We must be even more fierce;
we will keep on going ’til we reach the shore!
Enflamed and enpowered we struggled;
to keep the ship together and afloat.
Stop the water from filling up the ship like a moat.
Wrestling back and forth with the storm.
We were fierce like the storm;
yet we fought even more
exhausted ploughed on until all our energy was gone
Suddenly a cry land in sight!
that restored our fierceness, energy and will to fight.
The storm would not let go.
Neither would we;
We saw a shoal ahead
normally we would be filled with dread.
many could end up dead.
To the shoal! Became our goal.
We scuddered our ship,
and survived because of our fierceness and drive.
All happy to have made it out alive.
Thank you Captain for your words!
(C)BJG(Blair Gaulton)July 2015