Nominated for the Liebster Award by Blair Gaulton


I’d like to thank Geetha Balvannanathan for the liebster award nomination. She is a wonderful writer and I would encourage you to go and read her wonderful writing.  🙂 The liebster award link below will get you there.

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Do you like Holidays?
Usually I do. It depends on my mood and when they are happening. It is a wonderful thing to have time off and be with those you care about about. As long as it does not turn into a stress fest then I am all for it.

Introvert or extrovert?
On stage extrovert. Off stage usually quiet, shy and introverted. Depending on the situation I can be either or.

Is your writing real or fantasy?
Both. A lot of what I write is inspired by what I see, feel, or experience at a particular moment in time. At the same time it can also inspire something absurd or off the wall.

What kind of blog do you describe yours as (many categories are fine)?
Poetry, thoughts and pictures with some absurd bits thrown in for spice.

Are you afraid of anything, if so what?
Dying realizing that I still have a lot of ideas that I want to express but will never get the chance to do it. My father would call it dying with the music still in ya.

I love the way Geetha did this; so I will do this way too.

I will nominate a few but just remind my nominees that they are not forced to accept as I realise some people blog but don’t appreciate awards

My Nominees

That Weird Brown Girl
Laughter Medicine for the Soul
Hook Line and Ink Well

My Questions to the Nominees
1.  Have you ever created a new word or used a word from another language to better express yourself in your writing, when you could not find a way to express yourself?

2.What was the funniest story you ever read?

3. What was the most unusual food you have ever eaten?

4. If you could create a video game out of one of your published posts, which one would you select and why?

5. Do you have a favourite time of day or night? If yes, when is it and why?