Keep On Goin’ Rap by Blair Gaulton

Keep On Goin’ Rap
Words spilling out of me;
as if I have no tomorrow;
no joy or sorrow.
Keep on goin’.
Live each day;
accept whatever comes your way.
Keep on goin’;
don’t give up;
especially when things are rough.

Pull yourself together;
the bad times will not last forever.
Work hard and never quit;
stay focused;
calm and cool no matter what the commotion.
Keep on goin’!

Ups and downs are part of life;
as are disagreements and strife;
Don’t let ’em get you down
Keep on goin’

The Naysayers are always there;
they want to dishearten you;
to rob your good cheer.
They are there to test your resolve
Keep on goin’

Be creative, and see all the challenges you’ll solve
show ’em they’re wrong!
Let ’em squawk;
as you walk let ’em scoff.
‘Cause they don’t have a clue
about you and your dreams
You’re gonna make ’em come true!
Keep on goin’

With time;
doin’ what you gotta do;
that frown will turn into a smile.
’cause you’ve reached the time
where you’ll shine.
Keep on goin’
cross the finish line.
You’ve made your dreams come true;
’cause you kept on goin’,
and did not stop;
that’s what it takes to make it to the top!
(C)BJG(Blair Gaulton)July 2015