Inspired by a Conversation with Moonskittles: Turnip’s Turn by Blair Gaulton

Thank you to Moonskittles for inspiring this poem by her comments on Turnip’s Shot! To read her wonderful works
please click on her name.  🙂

Turnip’s Turn
The turnip would quip.
I was taken away;
without having a say.
It was an unexpected trip;
I almost flipped.
I saw some light.
Then a sharp cave,
and a nasty bite.
What a fright!
That was not right.
I’m going to go to court
and fight for my rights.
(C)BJG(Blair Gaulton)Apr 2016

Inspired by Moonskittles They Do Not Want to Know: Living On by Blair Gaulton

This poem was inspired by Moonskittles poem and the conversation we had about it. Thank you for the inspiration! To read her powerful poem please go to the link

Living On
May all our pain refrain
from making us lame;   
as our lives go on again.   
May we smile and after a while   
the sun shine; 
as we walk off into the distance. 
(C)BJG(Blair Gaulton)Apr 2016