Building Love (in monorhymes) from Manan Unleashed: Opening A Poem Inspired by it by Blair Gaulton

A lucky stroke of inspiration While in a state of rumination Seeds of poetry and dissemination Falling in love with no illusion A chat with raindrops As silent as pindrops Love in between lines and stops Under the sky eavesdrops A riot of colours, beautiful rainbow Clouds disappearing fast and slow Eyes downcast, hearts aglow … Continue reading Building Love (in monorhymes)

via Building Love (in monorhymes) — Manan Unleashed

This beautiful poem inspired me. I’d like to thank Manan for the inspiration.

As you open your heart ‘n’ soul.
Go with the flow.
Don’t worry about the show
Be you and no one else;
anything else is disaster ‘n pretense.
Remember you are a treasure.
Your words and attitude are a pleasure.
Give yourself a chance;
you will inspire beyond measure.
Love is always there;
it never left you;
even if it appears to.
It returns in another guise.
That at first is a disguise;
then you realize;
it is time!
(C)BJG(Blair Gaulton)Apr 2016