Wakefulness’ Cocoon by Blair Gaulton

Wakefulness’ Cocoon
Ravaged by wakefulness’ cocoon;
to this point;
sleep does not visit me this night.
(C)BJG(Blair Gaulton)July 2015

Another Definition of Insomnia by Blair Gaulton

Another Definition of Insomnia
nterested in
Sleeping seeing
Intriquing inquiries
All around
(C)BJG(Blair Gaulton)July 2015

Cannot Sleep 2 by Blair Gaulton

Cannot Sleep 2
My body is tired
my mind is wide awake
I just accept it
rejecting it will backfire
make it even worse
keeping myself busy
until I can do no more
hopefully I will sleep this night
If I am honest
at best I am unsure.
(C)BJG(Blair Gaulton)Feb 2015