In Memory of Aunt Alma 2


This poem is written in the memory of my great aunt alma who passed away last night. She was a wonderful woman who greatly inspired me through our conversations. She is irreplaceable.

In Memory of Aunt Alma 2
The world has lost a light;
that brightened my life. 
Your wit and tales;
unleashed in me gales; 
of laughter. 
I enjoyed talking with you. 
Hearing and learning about things;
you lived through. 
You managed to find a way; 
through your wisdom;
to make me smile.  
You are a treasure.
You made the world for me;   
a better place. 
By being you. 
You are loved and missed.
I see your smiling face. 
it stays with me; 
in my heart    
I cherish all the times; 
we had talking and laughing together. 
Now and forever. 
Blair Gaulton Dec 2nd 2015 
(C)BJG(Blair Gaulton)Dec 2015