Food and Health

Whenever I go to a supermarket to buy food, I check carefully the list of ingredients in it. As a diabetic, it is critical that I know what I am eating. I am constantly astounded by foods labelling themselves as healthy choices when they are high in sugar, fats and lots of chemicals in it that we have no idea what they are! Sounds like false advertising to me. I do not know, maybe we need better,clearer labelling and stricter standards. Some friends of mine told me that some of the information that is put down as a standard serving size is incorrect or misleading.  I would like to believe that is not the case, but I am starting to have my doubts.  I am curious what are the standards a product needs to be labelled as healthy? Depending on where you live this is strictly regulated or not. As consumers every day we make choices when we buy things. We need to be more aware about what we are buying. At the same time,perhaps we need to put more pressure on those people we have elected to ensure that what is offered to us; is what it says it is and not some advertising slogan. Our governments spend billions every year on health care;  one way to reduce costs in the future is to ensure that we have food, that is good for us and that we can afford to buy it instead of allowing unhealthy food to be so cheap.