About Discussion and Debate by Blair Gaulton

About Discussion and Debate
Discussion is good;
when you learn to listen,
and discern the kern of the position.
Instead of being swamped by bluster,
emotions and commotion.
Attentively listening; can help you see
the difference. 
Speak always respectfully.
Agree or disagree
All have feelings; 
never forget
treat all with respect!
(C)BJG(Blair Gaulton)Aug 2015

Debate and the Political Process

Debate is a good thing, it is something that needs to be encouraged more than it is now. The expression of an opinion is an important part of living in a democratic country. Whether you agree with the opinion or not is another matter. All people have a right to their point of view. What I find personally disturbing is when a person disagrees with someone and they demonize them for their standpoint.  Sadly a lot of Politicians do that. It shows a lack of consideration and that hardly makes a case for what you are arguing. All that does is give other people the impression that you do not have a counter-argument at all. This closed mindedness, is a big reason that a lot of countries are going through problems. They have no real interest in working together for the good of their country. If they make compromises, then some consider them to be weak. What is weak about working for the best interests of your country? People want solutions so they can live their lives and not grandstanding by parties trying to stay ideologically pure. Debate and argument is a matter of showing respect to others no matter how off the wall you may personally find their arguments. You can debate point by point their arguments, try and refute them and in the end you may change some people’s opinion or you may end up agreeing to disagree. Serving your country is not based on your political affiliation, rather your love for country and a willingness to make it better for everyone living in it.