Inspired by Fargaregardsanna: Finding Time by Blair Gaulton

This poem is inspired by a wonderful painting done by Anna from Anna’s Art. To see the picture please click on her name.

I find this truly hard…

Finding time
It raises so many questions.
I am deeply torn.

A treasure;
to keep or share?

It would be good to share.
People could have more time
with those they treasure ‘n’ hold dear.

Would you go back in time
with it or keep a moment going on and on?

An opportunity to talk
‘n’ make peace;
to resolve things
with those who no longer live.
Would you suffer more or less?
Would you feel more at peace after talking one last time?

Maybe you would use it;
to help someone who is ill
to live until there is a cure?
but then they would suffer much more..

Or would you use it
for yourself;
to make cherished moments
last an eternity?

I am sorry I can write
no more
I am an ocean of tears.
(C)BJG(Blair Gaulton)Aug 2017

Inspired by Annas Art Apple Blossom: The Wind and the Apple Blossom Tree by Blair Gaulton

This poem was inspired by Annas Art
Apple blossom. To see this beautiful picture please go to the link.

The Wind and the Apple Blossom Tree
We play celebrating  
the lengthening of the day. 
All living things; 
reawaken from winter’s slumber. 
As we dance together again.  
You tickle me; 
I blush colour 
and flutter.  
You whistle appreciatively;
as we laugh and dance happily.
(C)BJG(Blair Gaulton)May 2016

Inspired by Annas Art Dream Pub by Blair Gaulton

Inspired by Annas Art text
Welcome to the pub of your dreams – to read this wonderful work please click on the link.

Dream Pub
All are welcome, respected, 
treated with respect
and belong here; 
to relax and not be filled with fear.   
No questions   
Be you   
Enjoy yourself;   
spending time with others 
or no one else.

Nothing is required. 
Here you can be alone to think;
or talk, look, listen, 
learn ,contemplate ‘n’ be inspired.  
Develop ideas and grow. 
To one and all who come;  
have a good one. 
(C)BJG(Blair Gaulton)Apr 2016

Inspired by Annas Art Take Your Time:Time’s Flavour by Blair Gaulton

This poem was inspired by Annas Art Take your time –

Time’s Flavours
Does not worry about; 
what we think; 
nor competes with our foolishness. 
For time, we are a blip in its tapestry. 
What we find long, short, fast or slow; 
good or bad in our awareness
are time’s nuances ‘n’ flavours.
(C)BJG(Blair Gaulton)Apr 2016

Inspired by Annas Art The Best Gift Ever: Gifts by Blair Gaulton

This poem has been inspired by Annas Art
The best gift ever? –

Writing this piece is challenging 
for me;  
many times I’ve been lucky;  
other times not at all.  
I am nervous as I write;  
my emotions are flying like a kite.  
There are so many things;  
I’d like to say;   
They all fit perfectly in to the question  
in their own ways.  
I will mention a few.
The best gift ever at one stage  
in life is right. 
Later might seem wrong.  
I am torn 
For me the best gift ever  
I have given or received 
is many things.
To be loved and love;
someone else unconditionally. 
Friends ‘n’ family.
To inspire and be inspired by others.
Help or helping someone else. 
Healing people. 
Making others laugh.
Listening and being listened to.
A conversation
The most important and best gift of all;
is the time you spend with people.
(C)BJG(Blair Gaulton)Mar 2016

Inspired by Annas Art Painting of Ice Skaters: A Poem Skating in the Archipelago by Blair Gaulton

Another poem inspired by Annas Art.
In particular the Skaters on the ice in a Archipelago. To see this lovely painting please go to the link below.

-12 degree C/10,4 degree F –

Skating in the Archipelago
Skating on the ice;
dancing with the wind;
is nice;
as we swirl twirl and pirouette
in the sun.
Sometimes we also fish;
or play some games
Having so much fun;
on the ice with friends.
We go on enjoying each other’s
company, and the landscape
until the day ends.
(C)BJG(Blair Gaulton)Jan 2016

Inspired by Annas Art Blue Hearts A Poem: Dance of the Blue Hearts by Blair Gaulton

This poem was inspired by Annas Art.
To see the wonderful work called
Blue hearts –
Please click on the link.

Dance of the Blue Hearts
Blue Hearts;
sharing their songs;
to release their sadness.
Realizing they are not alone.
Moved by feeling.
All dancing;
moving to erase the blues;
to lift their spirits
to soar and be happy too.
(C)BJG(Blair Gaulton)Jan 2016

What If Time Takes Vacation A Poem Inspired by Annas Art by Blair Gaulton

This poem is inspired by Annas Art What if time takes vacation? To see Anna’s wonderful piece please go to the link

What if Time Takes Vacation
What if time takes a vacation?
Has a chance to rest ‘n’ relax.
Would we all then have 
more appreciation?
Or give it more consideration?

Right now, time does not care;
no stress.
Free for awhile;
it sits there; 
enjoying the comfy chair;
some snacks ‘n’ cocktail
maybe later a beer.
(C)BJG(Blair Gaulton)Jan 2016