Fighting by Blair Gaulton

Coming apart
at the seams.
Fighting doubt ‘n’ sadness;
sequestered inside of me.

Listening to the breeze.
I want to dance away;
that will solve nothing.
The fight goes on;
not about right or wrong.

I will dance;
not go away.
Try to free myself
‘n’ clear my head.
At the moment;
feeling more dead than alive.

Must not give up;
when the day
is tough ‘n’ rough.

Must vanquish it;
never surrender.
Going through;
an emotional blender.

Tattered ‘n’ torn;
feeling lost ‘n’ forlorn.
as the battle rages on;
Scorn ‘n’ anger rise;
much to my surprise.

Time to change the tide;
Give it my all;
face down;
this internal squall.
It will fall.
In the end;
I maybe bruised
but will stand tall.
(C)BJG(Blair Gaulton)Mar 2017

Political Flavour by Blair Gaulton