Alternative Lyrics to My Way by Blair Gaulton

This was inspired by Frank Sinatra’s My Way. These words came to me as I was listening to it.

Alternative Lyrics to My Way
You do not see;
what I see; 
or how deeply it affects me. 
You find it hard to believe. 
What you do to me.
This is no joke;
or pick up line.
I want to be yours,
and you to be mine.
Fighting back tears;
I try to smile.
I’ve been subtle too long.
Time to get overt ‘n’ wild.
This is no sudden impulse.
I’ve been thinking;
about this for a long time.
I love you;
It will never change.
it will remain the same; 
I’ll still feel the same on my dying day.
That’s all I can say.
For me it is true;
I don’t know about you.
or if you feel the same way about me too
At least I’ve said how I feel;
Made my appeal.
Maybe someday you’ll fall for me
Sadly to this point
It’s just a far fetched fantasy 
That’s the way it goes
(C)BJG(Blair Gaulton)Oct 2015