Clothing Fights Back by Blair Gaulton

Clothing Fights Back
Clothing opposing
the proposal of being bought ‘n’ worn!
Was not asked…?
Clothing’s zorn;
will have you going to court;
paying hefty damages ‘n’ filling out forms.
BJG(Blair Gaulton)March 2019

Song Inside by Blair Gaulton

Song Inside
Song inside of me plays;
my heart sways;
in many ways.
I would need days;
to get it out;
‘n’ get it done;
so I can say.
It is ready;
for you to hear;
on a special day.
That is a dream;
it seems;
unlikely to come true…..
BJG(Blair Gaulton)March 2019

Snail by Blair Gaulton

Hyper snail quailed;
by slowness of internet connection;
complains to no avail.
Finds another way.
Opens a successful company;
makes many sales.
Now sails away everyday.
BJG(Blair Gaulton)March 2019