Water by Blair Gaulton

Water does not care;
it is not bothered;
about who is your mother or father.
Only concerned about where
the pollution comes from
‘n’ reaches it here
poisoning it everywhere.
Water decides to attack
by sending the poison back.
BJG(Blair Gaulton)March 2019

Draft’s Revenge by Blair Gaulton

Draft’s Revenge
Draft drafts a reply to the know-it-all;
who made everything unimportant ‘n’ small.
Wanting to make this person stall;
trip ‘n’ fall.
message sent;
It happened during an inattentive phone call.
BJG(Blair Gaulton)March 2019

Clothing Fights Back by Blair Gaulton

Clothing Fights Back
Clothing opposing
the proposal of being bought ‘n’ worn!
Was not asked…?
Clothing’s zorn;
will have you going to court;
paying hefty damages ‘n’ filling out forms.
BJG(Blair Gaulton)March 2019

Song Inside by Blair Gaulton

Song Inside
Song inside of me plays;
my heart sways;
in many ways.
I would need days;
to get it out;
‘n’ get it done;
so I can say.
It is ready;
for you to hear;
on a special day.
That is a dream;
it seems;
unlikely to come true…..
BJG(Blair Gaulton)March 2019