Competitive Counterpoint by Blair Gaulton

Competitive Counterpoint
The announcement;
is a competitive conterpoint; 
to the blathering music;
seeping out of the next room.
(C)BJG(Blair Gaulton)Jan 2016

My Sad Eyes by Blair Gaulton

My Sad Eyes
My sad eyes; 
scan dance floor; 
as my body moves; 
tryin’ to get in the groove. 
Hard to do; 
I am missing you, 
and wishing I was dancing; 
with you too. 
(C)BJG(Blair Gaulton)Jan 2016

The Living Wind by Blair Gaulton

The Living Wind
The living wind rumpels;
at the lack of effort;
on the part of humanity;
to communicate and listen;
or even to understand its position.
The arrogance dismays;
so the wind takes the way;
to make it clear;
that humanity;
has no power or say.
(C)BJG(Blair Gaulton)Jan 2016

Stay Put by Blair Gaulton

Stay Put
Sat in a truck;
listening to the wind;
rumble ‘n’ thump;
sometimes it gets a little rough.
Snow coagulating;
soon is a hardened coating.
get out of the truck;
you’ll be thrown;
not floating.
(C)BJG(Blair Gaulton)Jan 2016