Cute and Cunning is the Writing Challenge topic for Feb 12th 2014

Hi Everyone
Cute and Cunning will be the Writing challenge topic for Feb 12th 2014. Thank you Kristina for suggesting it.
Can’t wait to see what you all do with it.
Best Wishes and Warmest Regards

Political Positions and Conflict of Interest.

No matter where you live in the world, there is politics, politicans and positions they take on issues. Sometimes we are confused, why do they act in a way that seems to be so far away from reality. I am hypothesizing and generalizing now; most politicans are members of political parties and if the party has a position on a particular issue, usually they are expected to toe the party line. This is especially true; if it is a Cabinet Minister, Minister, Secretary of..etc in government. If you are not in the cabinet but are elected as a member of the current governing party you may or may not have flexibility in expressing your views. Certain parties world-wide are known for their views. They stick to them, no matter how off the wall it may seem to someone else, because they have a strong base of support. These people will vote for them because they are affirming their position and ensuring that it gets heard. If you change your position, you lose their support and votes, making it less likely to get (re)elected. That is what it boils down to.

Interest and Lobby groups increasingly are flexing their muscles to motivate politicans to see things their way. Via donations to election campaigns, and other means to ensure that they are heard. I do not believe that all interest or lobby groups are negative. They have a role to play in the political process, however I believe that in cases where there is a link between a lobby group and a politican(who must decide on something that would effect the interest or lobby group). I would have a law passed to ensure that the politican in question remove him or herself from that decision and hand it over to someone else who has no conflict of interest.

Sports and Sensibility

Sporting events play a role in our lives, whether we like it or not. For fans, it is a wonderful thing; if your team is playing in the Superbowl, the Champions League final,the World Cup, the World Series, the Stanley Cup or any other event of that caliber anywhere in the world. It is amazing, if you are there watching it in person. For the places hosting the event; it is a big boost to the local economy.It is understandable that not everyone enjoys the hype surrounding these events. One thing cannot be disputed; is that whoever is competing in the final game had to work hard to get there, and it should be more acknowledged than what it is currently, no matter what the outcome of the game is. Yes, not everyone likes sports. That is fair enough. Yes, the salaries are incredible depending on the sport. What matters is what do you feel about it? If you enjoy the sport in question and it means something to you. The question is answered because if you can afford it;you probably go out  and support your team at home games. If you cannot get a ticket,you may go somewhere and watch it, if that is possible in your area.  The athletes have spent many years training to get to this level of excellence. Support of fans motivates the athletes to give their best. May the best team win.