Recently, I had an operation and i admit before having it i was frightened. I had no doubt about the surgeons or the people doing it would do it correctly.  Of course, you think about what could go wrong and that did bother me for awhile. It was out of my hands. I believed that everything would be fine. I was also worried about catching something at the hospital that would leave me laid up and out of commission for a long period of time. I wrote previously about experiences various family members had with hospitals and they were not good. Although my stay in the hospital was brief, I can say that for me the experience was good. When you tell people that you are going to have an operation, you hear many stories and some of them can be disturbing to you. It was the experience that the person you were talking to had. I would like to thank everyone who did the surgery on me, it went well and I am on the road to recovery. 


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