Commercials pepper television sometimes spicing up the program and other times making you immediately change the channel. Quite often they come at a time when the show you are watching gets interesting and you are torn away by a commercial. It does bug you. On you tube, depending on the video you want to watch, you have to watch a short commercial first. We have been told that the commercials help to pay for the program or video that you want to watch.  Fair enough, I’ve got no problem with that.  I know that the people who make commercials put a lot of time into it. Sometime the results are artistic, humorous and memorable. Years later you still remember the commercial. What I find interesting is that in different countries depending on the T.V.station there are no commercials breaking up the program. They come on before and after the show. I personally prefer this way of doing it. At the same time, I have friends who like having the program interrupted so they can grab some food or do other things in between.  That has its benefits as well.  The show I am watching is coming back on. Catch you tomorrow!


Hospitals are an important part of health care. Lately, I have read stories and teen told experiences by friends and relatives that worry me deeply. Generally, when we are admitted to hospital we have the belief that we will be cured. There is no question that all of the people working there, work long hours and have to deal with, help and save many people due to their hard work and knowledge.  In spite of this, it has been recently revealed that many hospitals seem to be slack, when it comes to disinfecting and cleaning their premises and in some cases their equipment for operations.  We have all been told in school that washing our hands, helps prevent the spread of germs. To hear that some hospitals are having problems doing this, would make me think about the risk of going into hospital. My father, for example went in a hospital to visit his brother. While he was there,  he got an infection and nearly died from it.  All of us have a responsibility to ensure that we do what we can to protect ourselves from illness.  Hospitals are busy places,  need to be well cleaned and safe for the people working there as well as visitors and patients. It is money well spent to ensure that standards are met to ensure public safety. Maybe it is a case of changing cleaning procedures. I do not know. At the very least hire more people to clean up, train more people to be aware about this, and let the public know how we can help to make our hospitals cleaner and safer for everyone.  

People and Disease

Been staring at this screen for quite some time. It has been a very busy day. Got quite a lot of things on my mind. I don’t know where to start. Disease and illness hits all of us in some way. It can be sudden and scary or gradual and develop with time. One thing that is important is when someone you know gets diagnosed with a disease, it changes both your lives. Time spent with this person becomes even more important than it may have been before. Inwardly, you may be mentally preparing yourself for the time, when you know their life is coming to an end.  Remember, the person is what matters, the disease or illness should not be what defines them.  They still love doing things. Wherever possible, do things with them that make them happy. Laugh together, sing, play cards ; whatever it is, if you did it before the disease, and you enjoyed doing it together and you still can, do it.  Treasure your time together. That is what matters most.

Debate and the Political Process

Debate is a good thing, it is something that needs to be encouraged more than it is now. The expression of an opinion is an important part of living in a democratic country. Whether you agree with the opinion or not is another matter. All people have a right to their point of view. What I find personally disturbing is when a person disagrees with someone and they demonize them for their standpoint.  Sadly a lot of Politicians do that. It shows a lack of consideration and that hardly makes a case for what you are arguing. All that does is give other people the impression that you do not have a counter-argument at all. This closed mindedness, is a big reason that a lot of countries are going through problems. They have no real interest in working together for the good of their country. If they make compromises, then some consider them to be weak. What is weak about working for the best interests of your country? People want solutions so they can live their lives and not grandstanding by parties trying to stay ideologically pure. Debate and argument is a matter of showing respect to others no matter how off the wall you may personally find their arguments. You can debate point by point their arguments, try and refute them and in the end you may change some people’s opinion or you may end up agreeing to disagree. Serving your country is not based on your political affiliation, rather your love for country and a willingness to make it better for everyone living in it. 


There are many kinds of Stress. For most of us, stress is a killer. It affects us in many ways. For some people the effects are visible and others you do not see it at all. That does not mean that they do not pay a price for having stress. A lot of people do not want to admit to others that they have it. For them perhaps, it might ruin the perception that people have of them. Is that so important? This is a health and lifestyle issue in my opinion. Reduce stress and you have the chance to life a longer and potentially happier life. Surely everyone wants that? Maybe I am spouting malarkey. Unless of course, you are a person who needs it to get your work done and works better under a deadline.   Sometimes that applies to me too. I have read that this is considered to be a positive form of stress. To be truthful, I have no idea. Can anyone tell me if there is a positive form of stress? I think the challenge for all of us is to see what kind of stress is bad for our health and find a way to reduce it, so we do not suffer from another heart attack or stroke or whatever condition we may have as a result of it .  As for me, it has been speculated that I became a diabetic due to stress. Is this a myth or is it real? I can believe it but if anyone out there knows, please let me know. We live with bad stress everyday. Whatever helps you to relax…meditation, drinking tea, listening to music or something else make more time in your life to do it. The people who love you will have the benefit of having you around longer.

Thoughts on Politics

Politics plays a role in all our lives even when we choose to ignore it as much as possible. Decisions made by these people quite often either rub us the wrong way or we are happy to see them doing something we want done. What really bothers people is when they make decisions which strike us as absurd or even out of touch with the world we live in now.  We get even more riled up when it seems their decisions have been influenced by interest groups instead of listening and acting on what is in the best interests of the country. In most countries, it seems to be the interests of the political parties and not their own people which take priority.  This has to change. How?  People have to get more involved in their respective countries and speak out when they disagree with a policy.  If you are not happy with what is going on take action, peacefully protest, or start a petition.  You do not have much choice, if there are not many people offering themselves to run for office.  Consider running yourself. I know that the options available to people vary from country to country. Politics will only change if we do something about it. Staying home and doing nothing does not cut it. That is a recipe for getting what you already had before. Change comes about when people stand up and say enough!

Internet et al….

We live in a world where communication is critical. We are all interconnected via social media, apps, tweets, blogs and other ways and means; that does make it easier to keep in touch. That is good.  It brings us all closer together.  We need to ensure that this infrastructure is maintained, protected, secure and further developed for the good of all humanity. Many people now rely on the Internet and technologies relating to it for just about everything.  We must find ways of making it available to everyone who wants to have it, and not make it out of reach for people due to it being too expensive.  Many groups and organizations are working on this.  The Internet is in some ways fragile and I would advocate that we find a way to make it more robust than what it already is. One cut cable or a sun storm can unleash a lot of difficulties. There are a lot of viruses running around infecting personal computers, smart phones and tablets. Someday, I would not be surprised if someone develops a virus to attack the internet infrastructure. I hope that day never comes. There are already many good anti-virus programs out there but is there something to protect the infrastructure of the internet?  More thoughts on the Internet to come in the future…