Comfort Zone

I have decided to work on getting myself out of my comfort zone. We do not live forever and I do not want to look back at myself many years from now and say I should have done certain things instead of not trying them. I no longer wish to hold myself back because I realize that it will cause me to be unhappy now & later in life and those who are around me may end up having to put up with it.  It is better to go for it, find out; one way or another. That will lead to a happier life because of trying to find out things about yourself. You will grow and develop in new ways. It enriches you through the experiences you have and the new friends you make along the way.  We are alive. Live and discover yourself anew.  

Climate Change and Development

Depending on where you live and what you believe politically, you may or may not agree with my topic today. I want to talk about climate change and development. Personally, I do see a difference in the weather over the last number of years and am concerned about it.  Whether this is a cycle that the earth is going through or something we have brought on ourselves through our industrial development or a combination of both (what I believe) is something we can debate for a long time.  We need to do something.  Industrial development is going to continue all over the world, and we cannot tell others not to do it. People want to have good lives and have a good standard of living.  The challenge is to help others with their development and not come across as people who are being patronizing, arrogant, or as know it alls. When doing this we have to be respectful of their culture and history. We must work together so that they benefit from what we know, we learn from them, and they can take from it and find the best path for their own future development.  Through this process we all learn together, gain insight into other cultures and build bridges for the future of this planet which we all live on. We need to work together on this because it effects everyone. Forget about politics, right or wrong. It is better to do something, err on the side of being cautious, stop the long term environmental changes rather than wait and see what will happen.  In the end we will pay a heavy price for our inaction. If the environmental changes does not happen, it is still time and money well spent.


I love travelling. It is a great way to step outside your comfort zone and meet people. The conversations are often enlightening and entertaining. My experience has been that I have met many nice people, who have become friends through the time we spent talking together, while we were both enroute to somewhere else. That is why I love going by bus, plane or train. Personally I find it gives you another perspective on how things are. This is an enrichment and can be inspiring, giving you new ideas and impluses. If you travel I would recommend that you turn off your phone, tablet, kindle, ipod and talk to people. You’ll have a better trip if you do.  You always have your electronic device as a backup, if it does not work out.  Give it a go.

Development in the Suburbs

Development is a risk and an opportunity. The question is how to manage it without making too many compromises. Depending on where you live, development can bring new jobs which are badly needed and stimulate the economy as well as improving people’s standard of living. This is a good thing. The important question is at what price do you get this? It should be carefully considered before you decide. For example,  I see in my hometown many new houses being built in subdivisions. That is okay. What I do not like is that all of the trees are being clear-cut and are not being replaced or some trees being planted to make up for the loss.  This is a good example of development which is not considering the importance of the environment nor the value of a property. A property that has a house with trees on it is worth more than the exact same house in a similar location without one. Trees help keep the soil together and help to prevent  soil erosion as well as help eliminate carbon dioxide. With time the trees make an area more appealing to people. I believe that every subdivision should have a park for children to play in and a trail for people in the area to go walking. This would also increase the property values in the area. I realize this increases the amount of money that the property developers must spend, but it is also more work for people. At the same time, then they can charge more for buying the property. I know this is the responsibility of the local government to pass legislation to ensure that this happens and it is our job to let our local government know this is what we want. The people running for office will definitely be questioned on this issue.

Ravings of a Diet Soft Drink Junkie

This might sound strange to some of you but I believe that I am addicted to diet soft drinks. It has become a habit that I am working on weaning myself off them. I am speculating here, could it be through the caffeine alone? or is it due to the combination of the various chemicals in the soft drinks with the caffeine? Sometimes I have been successful and other times not at all. Usually If I go out with friends I order a diet soft drink. Once I start drinking them it is a battle to stop. I am looking for other alternative drinks. Yes, I know we all should drink more water. I hate to say it but there is only so much water I can take. Is this because I have poisoned myself by drinking too many diet soft drinks? I really do not know. Some friends of mine have suggested to me to add lemon or lime slices to the water. Anyone got any other suggestions for me what else I could put in the water? I would greatly appreciate it.

Food and Health

Whenever I go to a supermarket to buy food, I check carefully the list of ingredients in it. As a diabetic, it is critical that I know what I am eating. I am constantly astounded by foods labelling themselves as healthy choices when they are high in sugar, fats and lots of chemicals in it that we have no idea what they are! Sounds like false advertising to me. I do not know, maybe we need better,clearer labelling and stricter standards. Some friends of mine told me that some of the information that is put down as a standard serving size is incorrect or misleading.  I would like to believe that is not the case, but I am starting to have my doubts.  I am curious what are the standards a product needs to be labelled as healthy? Depending on where you live this is strictly regulated or not. As consumers every day we make choices when we buy things. We need to be more aware about what we are buying. At the same time,perhaps we need to put more pressure on those people we have elected to ensure that what is offered to us; is what it says it is and not some advertising slogan. Our governments spend billions every year on health care;  one way to reduce costs in the future is to ensure that we have food, that is good for us and that we can afford to buy it instead of allowing unhealthy food to be so cheap.


Terrorism is something that everyone on this planet of ours has to live with, day in day out. It has been around humanity for a long time and will sadly continue in the foreseeable future.  There are many arguments about why it happens and what possible solutions there are to stop it.  What one person considers to be a terrorist is another person’s freedom fighter.  Arguments about right and wrong get smothered by attacks and counter-attacks.  More people get injured and killed. This only keeps hatred and the hunger for revenge going. I just wish it would all stop. Call me naïve. I want to believe that if people are treated with respect about their culture and beliefs, that ways can be found to stop this.  Call me a dreamer. We all live on this planet, and we have to learn to get along with each other. We must find a way to work together for the good of humanity. I believe this is no cake walk, but it is doable.  We need to get to the root cause of the terrorist problem, find out what it is and solve it. We need to ask ourselves is the money we are spending now, bringing us closer to resolving this issue? Are there other ways that could bring a better solution without the loss of life? The men and women in uniform, who should have our respect  are doing their job serving their country to protect us all from terrorism and a lot of civilians are paying the price for our lack of alternatives. We all have a role to play to find a solution. What about if there was an International or National structure created along the lines of South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission to ensure that all people who were victims of Terrorism and terrorists who renounce violence could go to. Could this be a way to go forward towards achieving resolution?